Sunday, July 21, 2013

2013 Conference Update

We have two screenwriters that have agreed to speak at our conference this year!

Born at Cut Off, Louisiana, Glen Pitre worked his way through Harvard by fishing shrimp each summer.  Best known as writer/director of Louisiana-set, internationally-lauded historical dramas, several of which featured Oscar-winning actors in their casts, Pitre has also crafted award-winning documentaries, museum exhibitry, novels and non-fiction books, multi-screen video installations, IMAX movies, syndicated radio programming, and more. Accolades include a Sundance Director’s Lab fellowship; AFI, NEA, and NEH grants; an honorary doctorate; and a knighthood from France.  In a 2006 book, film critic Roger Ebert acclaimed Pitre “a legendary American regional director.”

Lake Charles, LA, native Michelle Benoit is an award-winning New Orleans-based filmmaker and author whose work has been translated into more than two dozen languages.  Screenwriter, novelist, playwright, museum designer, and non-fiction author, Benoit has produced films both for Hollywood and for PBS’s national primetime core schedule.  An alumnus of the American University of Paris, she has also taught graduate film directing and screenwriting at the University of New Orleans and LSU.

As screenwriters, working together or separately on features, shorts, TV movies, and series TV for Hollywood studios, commercial broadcast networks, PBS, cable, indie productions, and foreign producers, Pitre and Benoit have been hired for myriad diverse writing assignments including drama, comedy, thriller, action-adventure, romance, horror, westerns, sit-coms, woman-in-jeopardy movies-of-the-week, documentaries, sports films, environmental films, 4D museum films, and IMAX.  

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