PROJECT: Selections of fiction and poetry will be printed on a single sheet of paper, tri-folded, and placed in packets at our conference and around Lake Charles for free.

PURPOSE: To promote our members, their writing(s), and Bayou Writers’ Group.

Submission period is now CLOSED!


Submissions must adhere to these guidelines:
1. Must be typed, single-spaced, 12-pt, Times New Roman
2. Must be written by a member in good standing (dues are paid)
3. Each member should submit one project only. Depending upon the number of submissions, this may increase.
4. Deadline to submit is August 31

FLASH FICTION: No more than 250 words.

POETRY: No more than 25 lines per poem. For prose poems, follow the Flash Fiction guidelines.

EMAIL SUBMISSIONS TO: (However, please keep a copy for yourself in case of computer issues.)

Send your best work. Questionable material* may be rejected. Any editing will be approved by you, the author. Past president, Jessica Ferguson came up with this marketing idea to showcase our members. With this in mind, please understand we want to incorporate all (wouldn’t that be great?) members. Please consider submitting!

*Questionable material (if it offends or contains vulgarity) will be discussed and voted on by the Board for inclusion or rejection.

Members will receive a byline and copies of the 2013 Gator Bites for your own promotion.

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