Monday, November 26, 2012

Author Interview: Carol V. Weishampel

by Sylvia Ney

Carol V. Weishampel, Ed.D. is a retired public school art and reading teacher, and a retired Christian school administrator. She holds a BFA from the University of Southern Mississippi, MA from Stephen F. Austin State University and Ed. D. from University of Houston.

Weishampel is the mother of twelve grown children (ten adopted) which she reared as a single parent. At age 60, she fulfilled a life-long dream and challenge to drive her motor home to Alaska where she volunteers at Christian youth camps and churches. Summer, 2012, she completed her sixth road trip.

While traveling, she writes. Her non-fiction travel journal, Grandmas’ Ultimate Road Trip, a novel, Venture in Faith, and an illustrated children’s book, Loon’s Necklace, are set in Alaska. She has published three additional non-fiction books, a second novel, and has been published in numerous anthologies and periodicals.

Weishampel speaks at pregnancy centers and high schools on parenting. She also speaks on volunteering, the writing process, and journaling to leave a legacy. She is a member of Bayou Writers and Texas Gulf Coast Writers and IWA. When not traveling Weishampel lives in Beaumont. You can find her at and

1) How did you develop an interest in writing? I taught Jr. High and High School art for many years then moved to an elementary school where I taught art and reading for at risk students. I was fortunate to take training with the New Jersey Writing Project, a national program, and became a writing trainer. I discovered that writing was as challenging and satisfying as art. Writing became a passion.

2) Please tell us a little about your blogs. My blog address, grandmas-on-the-go.blogspot, or were set up for my first volunteer missions trip to Alaska in 2002. I blog while I travel sharing sights and experiences with notes on writing. When not on the road, I blog writing tips.

3) What do you do when you have writer's block? If writing doesn't flow, I dabble. I check my list of other creative activities I'd like to start (or finish!) and get involved with another project. Often while my mind is off writing, I can hear new thoughts. I keep note pads and pens handy.

4) Have you submitted anything? I've had several non-fiction books published and two novels. Some were traditionally published with financial input. One was self published and one published on line. I've had several articles and editorials published.

5) Are you part of a critique group or writer's guild? I belong to two writers' groups and have been a part of several critique groups.

6) Have you ever attended a writer's conference? I've attended many writer's conferences and retreats and have presented at several. Each conference is unique and worth the expense and time.

7) When working on your current MS did you complete an outline first or did you just start writing? I work from rough out-lines. I create segments of the plot or character descriptions and work detail in later. I print out chapters, organize in a notebook and reread making notes for additions and corrections.

8) Would you care to share your opening paragraph (hook) with us? Following is the opening hook of Venture in Faith:

"What was that?" I screamed clenching the steering wheel with a white-knuckled grip. "That screetch. Why the car horns?" My heart pounded in my ears.

"You....," the RV salesman sputtered, his hands braced against the dashboard. Sweat popped out on his forehead. His voice strained as if talking to a child, "Ms. Gray. You pulled into the right lane. You forced a Volkswagen onto the shoulder."

"You told me to," I countered and jerked the wheel to the left. Heat crept up my face. My heart still raced.

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