Wednesday, November 14, 2012

2012 BWG Contest Winners

Members-Only Contest Winners, From Left to right: Chris Baldauf, Marsha Kushner, Sylvia Ney, Angie Dilmore, Marcia Dutton, Beth Savoie, Beverly Martin and Linda Todd.

Fiction Winners:
1st place - Angie Dilmore for Stella Bella & Her Mishmashed Shoes
2nd place - Sylvia Ney for Lights Out
3rd place Tie - Linda Todd for The Concert and Beth Savoie for Not A Dog

Nonfiction Winners:
1st place - Sylvia Ney for Homegrown Love
2nd place Tie - Marcia Dutton for The Unceasing Energy Within and Beverly Martin for Murphy's Law and Me

Poetry Winners:
1st place - Chris Baldauf for Gone South
2nd place tie - Linda Todd for Arlington and Angie Dilmore for Bella Luna
3rd place - Beth Savoie for Twilight Reunion

On the Wall:
Richard Going

Young Writer's Contest:
1st place - Kayla Haugen for Forbidden
2nd place - Kayla Haugen for Challenger

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