Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Volunteer Positions for the BWG 2012 Writing Conference

We are now accepting volunteers for the 2012 BWG "A Bridge to Publication" Writing Conference. Positions available are as follows:

1. Decorate - We need six individuals willing to help fix entries to the wall for the "On the Wall" contest, set up the door prize table and meet the speakers for supper. This will take place on Friday, November 9th.

2. Refreshments - We need five or six members to help here. These individuals will coordinate to buy supplies for the conference. All purchases will be reimbursed. We need ice, tea (both sweet and unsweet), breakfasttrays (fruit, muffins etc.), plastic/paper cups, plastic plates, napkins, utensils, snacks (fruit, chips, etc.), juice, coffee/supplies, water, soda, serving utensils such as tongs or large spoons.

3. Goody Bags - We need volunteers to help stuff the goody bags for the conference. Local merchants will provide brochures, coupons, freebies of their own, and we will provide notebook paper, pens, pencils, highlighters, stickies etc. All of these items need to be put into bags to hand out at the registration tables.

4. Bookstore - We need about ten individuals willing to sign up for two to three hour rotations in the bookstore. The first group will be set up by 7:30 am and the last group will leave about 5:30 pm.  One side of the bookroom will be set up and run by Barnes & Nobles and the other side will be run by us. We are open to selling books for members, paid attendeees and the speakers.

5. Registration Tables - We need at least four people to help with these two tables. Two members will sit at one table and check off preregistered attendants as they arrive. Two other members will work the registration table for attendants paying at the door.

6. Kitchen - We need five to ten people willing to sign up for two to three hour shifts in the kitchen. You can still listen to and see the conference while working here. These volunteers will keep warm coffee brewed and make sure there are plenty of napkins, plates, drinks etc. set out for attendees.

7. Room Monitor - Stand in the back of the room and hold up a time sign to let the speaker know how much time they have left. There will be a 5 min. sign, a 1 min. sign, and a Time Up sign. This need to be done for about six speakers.

8. Clean Up - We need five or six individuals who can stay after the conference to be sure all trash is thrown away and tables are clear.

If you would like to volunteer for any of these positions, or if you have questions, please leave a comment below. You may also email Sylvia Ney at . Be sure to put "BWG Volunteer" in the subject heading.

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