Monday, July 30, 2012

Author Arlene Hebert

by Pat Fox

Wednesday, August 1st, 1:30 pm at Our Lady Quees of Heaven Family Life Center, Rm. 3. Join us and be blessed through the testimony of Arlene Hebert. This is a FREE gathering.

Author Arlene Hebert was a nurse when God told her to write a series of children's book about guardian Angels. AND she was told to donate (forever) all the profits from the first book to St. Jude Hospital. The current total is over $44,000.

The books reveal a loving and smiling God, a God with a sense of humor, and a God that teaches the young guardian angels about consequences to their actions. The books encourage children (and grandchildren) to search the Scripture for stories or morals used throughout the books. She calls it a "treasure hunt" activity.

Arlene and her husband live in Lafayette.

Looking forward to visiting with you there!

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