Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Long Learning Process by Marcia Dutton

It has occurred to me how alike writing is to painting, or anything else creative. There is a long learning process. I am just beginning to learn something about writing since I joined BWG. It reminds me of when I first started learning to paint. I was in a watercolor workshop in Italy with some very advanced and even some professional artists. Like most writers, they were warm, kind and encouraging, as bad as I was. When we were being roasted at the end of our stay, it was remarked that I actually did quite well in spite of my one-haired brush. Artists in both mediums are interesting, giving and invigorating to be with. I feel very fortunate to be among them.

I have multiple interests and was never what one would classify as a dedicated artist. Therefore, it took me years of practice, reading, art classes, and many workshops to have arrived at the point I am now in painting. When it comes to writing, I can’t help but wonder if I have enough years ahead of me to attain a semblance of where the rest of you are. Will I be able to sit that long at a computer without getting the resulting side effects?

If I can learn the fundamentals of writing and present day grammar and style, I think I can come up with some decent memoirs considering the many experiences I have had living abroad for twenty-five years. Being too left brained, I paint well what I can see, be it from still-life, from photos, landscapes from plein aire, or my forte, portraits. Not as creative, I lack the imagination to paint abstracts or from my mind. Likewise to write fiction like many of you do, I would be at a loss.

Award-winninng artist Marcia Dutton is creating a book of memoirs about her days in the U.S. Navy and her many adventures abroad. She is a dedicated member of BWG Thursday Critique group, and her paintings can be viewed at Gallery By The Lake.


  1. Nice entry, Marcia. I have had the pleasure to view your art, and read your writing, and can attest that you excel in both medium.

  2. Interesting post!

    I didn't know you paint that is fantastic.

    Thanks for submitting to the blog.

  3. Hi, Marcia. Great photo. Love the hat! I need a writing hat too. Thanks for the idea and for your entry.

  4. It is sort of ironic that we are constantly told to write and not be concerned about what others say about it, but that goes against our very nature as humans. We want to be recognized, appreciated, or if nothing else, just to matter to someone. Art-in any form-is an outpour of expression. The important thing is that we express ourselves. If it takes a lifetime, it's worth it.

  5. I didnt know you paint either. To be an artist of any craft, is to be crafty at the experiences that life throws you along you path.

    I know you can excel at your writing. In the words of Ernest Hemingway "All you have to do is write one true sentence. Write the truest sentence that you know."

    Good post.

  6. Thanks for the post. Your book has an interesting premise. I hope to be able to read it one day soon.