Friday, June 21, 2013

BWG Minutes - Saturday, June 1, 2013

Call to Order: The meeting was called to order at 10:05 by President Randy Dupre, 
Attendance 29 members, 2 visitors. Door prizes called.

Treasury Report:  Sherry Perkins 
- Checking balance - $1,423.16. Savings balance - $5,166.70. Scholarship fund – $375.36  Total: $6,965.22
- Two of three grants thought the Arts and Humanities Council have been applied for, awaiting confirmation
- Scholarships to Conference – Invitation to apply if needed 

1. Gator Bites- Invitation to members to submitted for 2013. Examples for 2012 passed and distributed. These will be placed into bags for the conference and distributed in offices and libraries around town.
2. Members Only Contest – Invitation to submit. Due date: Aug 3, 2013. Winners announced at Nov. 9th Bridges to Publication Conference.  Categories - fiction, non-fiction, and poetry, 9 independent Judges   
3. Call for coordinator of MOC – Cliff Seiber and Beverly Martin to coordinate. 
4. Call for Election of vacant Secretary and Publicist positions.  Barbara Duhon elected secretary unopposed without dissent. Pat Fox elected as publicist with Joyce Kebodeaux to assist as needed.

Member News: 
1. Barbara Duhon has published a book – Unchanged Feelings 
2. Linda Leonard – guest spot on Pam Thibideaux’s
3. Willard Abshire – working on 2nd book of his trilogy
4. Sherry Perkins – printed 2nd novelette 
5. Michelle Abshire – most read column on Wordsmith Journal
6. Cliff Seiber and Sherry Perkins had read essays for local youth scholarship contest

McNeese Leisure Learning Class writing class – June and July

Member Readings: Linda Todd, Marcia Dutton, Chris Baldauf, Willis Abshire, Paige Hamilton, Rick Bailey, Amanda Bailey, Barbara Duhon, Cindy Stelly, Cliff Seiber (comic relief), Bev Martin, Joyce Kebodeaux, Lowell Bergeron, Dick Going (visitor), Beth Savoie

Dismissed/adjourned by Randy at noon with invite to lunch at Ryan’s.

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