Monday, June 25, 2012

Editor Pitch With Linda Yezak

Linda Yezak, Content Editor for Port Yonder Press, will be taking submissions at the BWG conference. She is now serving as an acquisitions editor for PYP and you may sign up for a 15 minute pitch session.

You need to bring a submission packet that includes:

1) A query letter that states the name and genre of the book as well as the word count.
2) A short 1-2 line blurb
3) A short back-cover style blurb
4) Something about the author - a short bio.
5) A one to two page synopsis (that includes how the book ends)
6) The first three chapters
7) Be sure to include all of your contact information as well.

PYP (the publishing company) wants family friendly manuscripts in every genre except romance. Family friendly isn't as strict as it might sound. Think PG-13. Some mild language is allowed, mysteries can involve murder (but gore is not welcome), non-sexual romantic scenes are allowed in genres that aren't focused on romance. PYP IS NOT looking for Christian content right now, but they aren't disregarding it. By the time of the conference they may need more. However, Linda is also representing Hartline Literary AGENT TERRY BURNS, and those wishing to pitch Christian fiction material for agent representation are welcome.

Creative nonfiction is welcome, exceptional memoirs are possible, but she is not not looking for devotionals or poetry. Poets can query directly to the PYP site:

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