Thursday, April 5, 2012

Writing...In My Opinion

by Patti Corbello Archer

I am a writer! How that excites me. My plan, my goal, my heart in it all is to touch YOU with words! I don’t write to write. I write to show or reveal to you something or someone. Therefore, to me, I am a creator. And my inspiration is our Heavenly Creator. So, there you have it. I classify myself as a Christian writer because I want you to see Him in unlimited ways…over and over.

Life is what we live. Life is what we believe and experience. And once upon a time, I thought that was all life was. Then Jesus leaned down late one afternoon and whispered in my ear to follow Him on His journey. To let Him show me what life was really about. I remember how fast my heart beat as I heard His voice and that my knees literally gave way as His love took over the room. I can still remember the epiphany…the revelation of that moment…and forever my life changed. I changed.

I was amazed that just a touch or whisper from Him could change what I believe. Did you know that you could change what you believe? I smile as I write this because YES…it sooo can happen! For me, moment by moment He erased the definitions in my life dictionary so that I began to be the definitions in His life dictionary…His Word. That’s right, the Living Word used His truth to rewrite my beliefs and experiences. He is magnifique!! How can He not be my inspiration? (Smiles.) He IS the one.

As I sit here and finish this thought I know that if I could do anything else along with writing it would be to paint images with the words that He gives me. Maybe one day I will see Him bring my writing (and yours) to another level!

After all, we are all His masterpieces.

You can learn more about Patti by reading this interview or you can visit her blog: Inspired by Love.


  1. nice! I love your writing, Patty

  2. I always love the way you express yourself. It is a gift and what a blessing. You accomplish what you set out to do. I am very proud of you. I am very thankful for you. I always look forward to what you write and long for more. Jesus, thank you for this beautiful gift you have given Patti and may she continue to show all of us your beauty and grace. Love you
    Aunt Gloria

  3. Excellent post, Patti. Thank you so much for sharing! We miss you at the meetings.