Thursday, January 12, 2012

Members Celebrate First Anniversary With Poetry Reading

January sixth was the first anniversary of the poetry reading at The Porch on Common St. BWG members celebrated with a repeat performance. Seven members read their poems this year.
Sherry Perkins started the evening with several striking poems from her collection. Beth Savoie read some delightfully funny short stories and Rebecca Stelly received many encores for her own work. Becky’s mother contributed an impressive poem Rebecca wrote as a child.
There was such a friendly and receptive group in attendance that one of the customers asked to read her poem as did one of the staff. 
The Porch hosts readings on the first friday of each month. February 3 will be a fiction reading. The time slots may all be full,  according to Erica McCreedy the coordinator from Arts & Humanities, but anyone can come listen. And you never know when a spot may become available. Readings will begin at approximately 7 pm.

Sherry Perkins, BWG President

Marcia Dutton

Beth Savoie

Rebecca Stelly

Luke Saucier

A special thank-you to Marcia Dutton for providing these pictures.


  1. Wish I could have been there! I know it was great.

  2. We were so happy to have y'all!