Monday, October 18, 2010

Critiques & Consultations w/Harold Underdown

If you write young adult or children's books and have been undecided about getting a critique from our conference speaker, Harold Underdown, now is the time to make up your mind. We have a few slots left. The first manuscripts for his critique will be mailed to him this week. We've added a second deadline for a second batch. November 1st. Please email me if you want to take advantage of this opportunity. Remember, to participate in this critique you must be registered for the conference and the critique is an extra $35.00. The instructions are below:

First: We also have a couple of scholarships left. Please don't miss this conference because you can't afford to come. I realize $40 is a lot of money when we aren't selling our work. Sometimes we can't rationalize investing in our writing because we don't feel like a "real" writer. I promise you, this conference will be worth your time. You'll learn a lot and you'll come away energized and motivated. You'll come away KNOWING you're a writer. Don't miss this opportunity.

Let me hear from you if you have questions. Manuscripts will be mailed this week to Mr. Underdown but it's not too late to be included. Second batch of manucripts will be mailed on November 2nd. That could be yours! Read the instructions below CAREFULLY.

jessy31writer at aol dot com
bayouwritersgroup at gmail dot com


Harold Underdown will meet with writers about their manuscripts for 15 minutes. You may submit one picture book manuscript or up to ten standard pages of a longer manuscript, along with a cover letter written as if you were submitting the manuscript to a publisher, but including notes on its revision or submission history as well. Include a one-page synopsis of the entire manuscript if submitting part of a long manuscript.

Harold will look at any material, from picture book to YA, either fiction or nonfiction.

PLEASE NOTE: Manuscripts must be received no later than than November 1st. When sending the manuscript, please specify: a critique or a consultation.

Critique: Manuscripts for critiques can be rough or unfinished drafts, or something you believe is ready to send out. In his meeting with you, Harold will focus on ways to improve the manuscript and will give you written comments as well.

Consultation: Manuscripts for consultations should be polished manuscripts, perhaps one already sent out to a publisher, which you believe have no significant writing problems. Harold will focus on "marketing" issues in his meeting with you; possible publishers and how to approach them.

If a manuscript submitted for one option needs the other, in Harold's opinion, that is what he will provide.

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